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Iced Tea sawada cold bold brew side window seating SAlad Bar Low Shot Center cookie bar pastrimi sandwich ice tea small cheval cheeseburger SAlad Bar mix 3 greens sign breakfast quiche leafy salad chai Tiki Drink coffee overhead shot pancakes TV couch space


A casual restaurant, coffee shop, grab-and-go marketplace, and bar, offering a diverse assortment of food and beverage choices under one roof. Guests can create their own hot or cold culinary destiny at an 18-foot fresh salad bar, order directly from Dillman’s Pastrami Shop or indulge in a Small Cheval cheeseburger and golden fries. 3 Greens Market also serves small batch and bottled cocktails, wine and beer, as well as a full coffee bar. The eclectic decor, a mash-up of 1960s and 1970s design, evokes vintage rec rooms and living room spaces.